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The growth rate of LED lighting products related technologies has been on an exponential and continuous rise among end-users, manufacturers and assemblers. The popularity is a result of low energy consumption, high-efficiency, versatility in design and applications, and small dimensions. We specialize in the design, manufacture and assembly of systems based on light-emitting diodes (LED), with a focus on Solid State Lighting technology.


Benefits of LED

Led is the latest revolution in lighting technology and widely used from indoor to outdoor lighting due to following benefits:-

  1. • LED is green and environment friendly, no lead, no mercury, no UV  radiation, no environmental  pollution.
  2. • High Efficiency (lm/W).
  3. • Self Contained units that require minimal maintenance.
  4. • Long life (typically > 50000 Hrs.) more then 10 years.
  5. • 35% Power saying technology as compared to CFL.
  6. • Better CRI: Excellent visual acuity.
  7. • Low temperature eliminates the risk of fire.
Consumes low power, fast pay – back period
LED lighting uses less energy than most other lamps, lasts longer and requires less frequent replacement.